Invaluable Insights and Engagement: Visit to Hong Kong Government Headquarter and Meeting with Mr. LEE Sai Wah

On 3rd July 2024, members of the finalist group from the "Make It Happen - Triumph in Marketing" competition, Dr. Na Shen, and members of Junior Chamber International (JCI), had the honour of visiting Mr. LEE Sai Wah, the Political Assistant to the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Government. The meeting took place in a designated meeting room at the HKSAR government headquarters, where the students engaged in discussions with Mr. Lee on several significant issues in the Hong Kong economy.

The students expressed their sincere appreciation for the opportunity to directly communicate with government officials, acknowledging the value of such interactions. They found the discussions to be highly insightful and gained a deeper understanding of the economic landscape in Hong Kong. The BA department remains dedicated to providing students with similar opportunities to learn from industry and government experts, ensuring they receive valuable real-world knowledge and exposure.