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Head's Message

Professor David W. K. Yeung
PhD, Dr.h.c.

- Head of Department
- Distinguished Research Professor
- Director of SRS Consortium for Advanced Study

With unprecedented advancements in production techniques, information technology, internet communication and trade globalization, the business world in the twenty-first century has evolved into a completely new phase. At the same time Hong Kong together with the Greater China has evolved into one of the most dynamic economies in the world. Learning how to cope with the rapid-changing business world is among the toughest challenges to the fast-growing Asian nations. Moreover than ever, the business community in our era needs prudent business professionals with versatility, solid training, wisdom and integrity to lead it to a sustainable and socially beneficial state. Business education plays an important role in fulfilling this need.

SYU strives to develop a Department of Business Administration with its own niches to face the challenges in the business world today. On top of a strong regular business curriculum with five concentrations in:

  1. Financial Services & Planning
  2. Marketing
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. i-Entrepreneurship 

There are three peculiar features which makes the Shue Yan Business education idiosyncratic:

  1. a business curriculum with strong emphasis on business ethnics, social concerns, Chinese cultural values and harmonious development of society,
  2. practical involvements in enterprise and social developments, and
  3. focuses on business optimization and benevolent cooperation in the face of rapid globalization, environmental deterioration and increasing income disparity.

To facilitate the training of students to fulfill the SYU business curriculum students are required to take an involved Chinese program and business ethics courses throughout their four years of study. In addition, two research centers -- the Enterprise and Social Development Research Center (ESDRC) and SRS Consortium for Advanced Study in Dynamic Cooperative Games (SRS Consortium) – are established to provide students with opportunities to get involved in research projects in enterprise and social development and to explore solution concepts and techniques for business optimization.