NFT Marketing

NFT Marketing

NFT still seemed to be a mystery for most which also implies that it is a great opportunity for marketers. Marketing is all about engaging and capturing your audiences’ attentions. How can marketers use the recently popular NFTs as a mean for promoting companies and brands is very important.

Eddie Lui, the founder of IFA Limited will share with you NFT’s applications in marketing. What sparkle and glitter effects these two elements can create?

The talk will cover:

Why NFT become the new means for marketing
Potentials of NFT Marketing 
Adoption of NFT Marketing 
Case study
Successful elements of NFT Marketing
Please join:

Date: Friday 14 October 2022
Time: 6:15 pm to 8:30 pm

Speaker: Mr Eddie Lui, The Founder and Creative Director of IFA Limited

Venue: RLB303, Research Complex

All are Welcome!

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