Exciting Firm Visit to K11 Musea


On April 14th, 2024, an extraordinary event took place as students from BUS320 Business Research, BUS485 E-CRM, and BUS502 Marketing Communications and Brand Management embarked on a captivating visit to K11 Musea. This remarkable experience, jointly hosted by the Department of Business Administration at Hong Kong Shue Yan University and the Junior Chamber of International Peninsula, promised to be both educational and inspiring.

Led by Dr. Brian Wong and Dr. Nell Shen, this visit offered students a unique opportunity to explore the renowned cultural-retail landmark, K11 Musea. Situated along the vibrant Victoria Dockside harbourfront in Tsim Sha Tsui, K11 Musea is a fusion of art, culture, and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting concept of 'A Muse by the Sea,' this pioneering destination aims to enrich the daily lives of modern consumers through creativity and cultural appreciation.

The event commenced with an insightful introduction by Ms. Irene Lenug, the Manager of Customer Experience at K11 Musea. Ms. Lenug delved into the fascinating aspects of the mall, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of its architectural design, integration of art and commerce, and commitment to enhancing the consumer experience.

Throughout the visit, the students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of knowledge and experience. They were captivated by the extraordinary blend of culture and retail at K11 Musea, gaining valuable insights into the power of creativity and innovation in today's business environment.