Guest Speaker Speech for BUS424 Issues in Business Practice

BUS424 Issues in Business Practice aims to provide students with a basic understanding of contemporary issues in business practice, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region. On 17 April 2023, three guest speakers were invited to deliver a talk to the students:

Mr. Harry San 
Mr. Harry San shared his business journey from Japan to India through Zoom, using PESTEL to go through his own brand - Sushi and More. He also gave more insights on the questions raised by the students, such as how to keep sushi fresh during the delivery process. Why is there always traffic jam in India? How does religion affect Indian tastes for sushi? How do taxes and the economic environment affect business?

Mr. Gavin Tam
Mr. Gavin Tam shared his experience with different people around the world from the perspective of human resources. Using his existing company as an example, Gavin explained how he treated his colleagues from different countries differently. To make it easier to enter a country, Gavin introduced students to Hofstede's Theory of Cultural Dimensions to better understand more before acting. He also offered some tips for raising awareness of cultural differences at work, such as respect, active listening, asking questions, and more. He singled out the example of Bangladesh, where women's place in society is neglected and there are very few women at the executive level. He recalled that when they built a factory in Bangladesh, there were zero female supervisors, but after the company implemented female empowerment, it is much better now.

Mr. Rando Yuen 
Mr. Rando Yuen provided a local and global background on ESG in his corporate practice, with his experience of working in global consultant, retailing and real estate firms. He also explained ESG further by using design thinking exercises for different business models, gave reasons why some models failed, and highlighted that "Know your customer first!"