49th Graduation Ceremony

We are delighted to announce and extend our heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of the 49th graduation ceremony held on 24 November 2023 at Hong Kong Shue Yan University!

This year, we witnessed the outstanding achievements of our talented students, who have successfully completed their respective programmes and are now ready to embark on new and exciting journeys. We would like to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of the following graduates:

BBA (Hons) Degree Programmes:

We applaud the remarkable accomplishments of the 102 graduates of BBA (Hons), who have acquired a broad foundation in business administration, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in diverse business fields. Also, we acknowledge the achievements of the 71 graduates of BBA (Hons) in Digital Marketing, who have mastered the art of leveraging digital platforms and marketing techniques. Finally, we congratulate the 12 graduates of BBA (Hons) in Corporate Governance and Risk Management for their dedication and comprehensive understanding of corporate governance and risk management practices.

BBA students and teaching staff

Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Psychology:

We celebrate the success of the 13 graduates of the Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Psychology program (MSc MCP), who have demonstrated expertise in understanding consumer behavior and the intricacies of consumer psychology and marketing strategies. Their dedication to academic excellence and practical application of marketing principles has equipped them to navigate the complexities of the industry. We are confident that they will make significant contributions to shaping consumer behavior and driving innovation in the field of marketing and consumer psychology. 

MSc MCP students and teaching staff

We are immensely proud of our graduates and their commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and professional development. They have demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and a thirst for knowledge throughout their educational journey.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the faculty, staff, and families who have provided unwavering support to our graduates. Your guidance, encouragement, and belief in their abilities have played a crucial role in their success.

As our graduates venture into the next phase of their lives, we are confident that they will make significant contributions to their chosen industries and society as a whole. We wish them continued success, fulfillment, and endless opportunities.

Congratulations once again to the 2023 graduates!