First Honours Graduation Celebration

Congratulations to the five students of BBA (Hons), the five students of BBA (Hons) in Corporate Governance and Risk Management (CGRM), and the four students of BBA (Hons) in Digital Marketing (DM) who have achieved their first Honours degree in the Department of Business Administration. Their dedication, hard work, and academic excellence have paid off, and we are immensely proud of their accomplishments.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Head of the Department, Dr. Monica Law, for delivering a speech to honour the first Honours graduates. Dr. Law's words of encouragement and recognition serve as a testament to their exceptional achievements and the significance of this milestone in their academic journey.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the students' relatives and teaching staff who joined us in celebrating this momentous occasion. Their unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement have played a vital role in the success of these graduates. Together, we have fostered an environment of learning and growth that has helped shape these students into outstanding professionals.

BBA (Hons) students, their relatives, and teaching staff

BBA (Hons) CGRM students, their relatives, and teaching staff

BBA (Hons) DM students, their relatives, and teaching staff

As they move forward into the next chapter of their lives, armed with their first Honours degree, we have no doubt that they will make remarkable contributions to the field of business administration. Their knowledge, skills, and determination will enable them to excel in their chosen career paths and leave a lasting impact on the industry and society as a whole.

Event Photos