Enterprise and Social Development Research Centre

Research Activities

Enterprise and Social Development Research Centre (ESDRC) provides a wide range of applied business research expertise and knowledge transfer to private and public sectors. Our research projects typically focus on combinations of issues linked with:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Corporate social responsibility and business ethics
  3. Internet marketing

Executive Training

Starting from September 2007, the ESDRC has organized several executive training programs for companies in Hong Kong and China. For example, ESDRC has organized a Hotel Management Training Program for Chateau Star River (Guangzhou) since 2007.

Marketing Research

ESDRC offers a full range of marketing research services in a wide variety of research categories and industries. ESDRC is experienced in developing and implementing interviews, and surveys with prospective, competitive, and current customers. For examples, ESDRC also conducted a marketing survey for Travel Experts on the consumer satisfaction and buying behaviors of travel products.

Policy and Social Research

ESDRC actively collaborates with the District Council of Hong Kong, private and public sectors to conduct policy and social research that provides recommendations on public policies in various areas, which include business ethics, property management, and pathological gambling. 


ESDRC is actively organizing some academic conferences with various universities in Hong Kong and China. For example, we have cooperated with the International Economic Research Institute in Peking University to organize a series of academic conferences in Hong Kong and China from 2004 to 2010, which covered various issues related to business and economic development of China.

Centre Members


  • Director: Dr. Mark Ng (HKSYU)
  • Associate Director (Internal): Dr. Monica Law (HKSYU)
  • Associate Director (External): Dr. Lubanski Lam (HKSYU)

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