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Academic Week 2019

Theme: Professionalism & Entrepreneurship
Date: 21 - 24 October 2019

The Department of Business Administration held the Academic Week (Aweek) 2019 on 21-24 October 2019. The 2019 Aweek seminar and talk series was on the theme of “Professionalism & Entrepreneurship”.

The aim of Aweek is to give BA students a better understanding of the development and changes in the business environment and the requirements of the business sector. 

A total of 10 seminars and talks were organized by the Department and co-organized by other unit of the university. Prominent business leaders, business and management professionals, renowned entrepreneurs, government officials and Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) alumni were invited to share their knowledge and experience with students.     


Themes and guest speakers:

21 October 2019
Cultivating Innovators on Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Ms. Flora Yeung (Cyberport, Entrepreneur Team)
Financial PR, a new start-up
Speaker: Ms. Veronica Hui (PRise Limited)
Financial Industry’s Future with the Effects of Blockchain & FinTech
Speakers: Mr. Philip Chiu & Mr. Peter Woo (Financial Services Development Council)
22 October 2019
Work Ethics
Speaker: Ms. Louisa Lui (ICAC)
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Speaker: Ms. Louisa Lau (HK Institute of Chartered Secretaries, Registrar)
Digital transformation of HRM
Speaker: Ms. Christine Choy (Choy’s Human Resource Consultancy Ltd.)
23 October 2019
The Future of HRM
Speakers: Mr. Leo Ma & Ms. Christy Wan (eeVoices), and Mr. Keith Fung & Ms. Monica Cheung (HKSYU Alumni)
Doing Marketing with Chatblog
Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Tse (Proactive)


24 October 2019
Fair Trade and CSR
Speaker: Mr. Anthony Chiu (Hong Kong Fair Trade Power)
Fintech Fundamentals
Speaker: Mr. Gabriel Chan (HK Blockchain Society)