BBA (Hons)
Minor Programme

​​​​​​Minor Programme Requirements

  1. The minimum credit requirement for a Minor is 15 and each student is required to take at least one Minor course at Level 3 or 4.
  2. No GPA requirement needed for declaring a Minor.
  3. Each student can study at most one Minor.
  4. Due to the comparatively packed curriculum and/or the restriction stipulated by professional bodies/authority, students of the following programmes are not eligible to take Minor programme in other departments:
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in Law and Business
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Hons.)



Course List of Minor in Business Administration


Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits by studying 2 compulsory courses and choosing 3 courses out of the 10 courses offered (with at least one course at Level 300):

Students may specialize in other subject areas to increase their competitive edge upon completion of different minor programmes. For more details, please click here.

Course Code Course Title Credits Pre-requisite(s)
 BUS120 Principles & Practice of Management 3 NIL
 BUS130 Principles of Marketing 3 NIL
 Choose 3 courses out of 10 (with at least one course at Level 300)
 BUS210 Legal Environment of Business 3 NIL
 BUS220 Quantitative Methods for Business 3 NIL
 BUS250 Organizational Behaviour  3 BUS120
 BUS303 Business Communication 3 NIL
 BUS304 Marketing Strategy 3 BUS130/233
 BUS305 Operations Management 3 NIL
 BUS307 Management Information Systems 3 NIL
 BUS309 Human Resource Management 3 BUS120
 BUS320 Business Research 3 BUS220
 BUS360 Consumer Behaviour 3 BUS130/233


Guidance Notes on Minor Programme


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