Dr. Cynthia Yingxuan ZHANG

Sessional Lecturer

E-mail:  yxzhang@hksyu.edu
Telephone:     +(852) 2804 8546
Office: RHB 302A
Academic Qualifications
  • Ph.D., Environmental Management, The University of Hong Kong
  • M.Phil., Environmental Management, The University of Hong Kong
  • B.Sc., Environmental Science, Nankai University, China
Courses Taught
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Research Methods and Design
  • Master’s Project
Selected Publications
  1. Yeung, D.W.K., Zhang,Y.X., Bai, H.T., Islam, S.: Collaborative Environmental Management for Transboundary Air Pollution Problems: A Differential Levies Game, forthcoming in Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, 2020.  
  2. Yeung, D.W.K., Petrosyan, L.A., Zhang, Y.X. and Cheung, F.:  BEST SCORES Solution to the Catastrophe Bound Environment, Nova Science, New York, 2017, ISBN 978-1-53610-924-5. 
  3. Chen, Y., Yeh, A.G.O., Zhang, Y.X.: Political Tournament and Regional Cooperation in China: A Game Theory Approach. The Annals of Regional Science. Vol. 58, 2017, pp. 597–622. DOI: 10.1007/s00168-017-0809-6.
  4. Bai, H., Qiao, S., Liu, T., Zhang, Y.X. and Xu, H.: An inquiry into inter-provincial carbon emission difference in China: Aiming to differentiated KPIs for provincial low carbon development. Ecological Indicators, Vol. 60, 2016, pp. 754–765.
  5. Yeung, D.W.K., Zhang, Y.X., Yeung, P.M.: A Recursive Sequence of Sums of Consecutive Embedded Coalitions. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, vol. 10, 2016, no. 1, pp. 9-14.
  6. Yeung, D.W.K., Petrosyan, L.A., Zhang, Y.X.: Subgame Consistent Cooperative Exploitation of Species in Ecosystems with Facilitation. Game Theory and Applications, Vol. 17, 2015.
  7. Bai, H., Zhang, Y.X., Wang, H., Huang, Y. and Xu, H.: A Hybrid Method for Provincial Scale Energy-related Carbon Emission Allocation in China. Environmental Science & Technology, Vol. 48, No.5, 2014, pp.2541–2550. DOI: 10.1021/es404562e.
  8. Yeung, D.W.K., Zhang, Y.X.: Industrial Pollution Problems in Pearl-River-Delta and Mechanism Design for an Inter-regional Management Regime. In Proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association, S.C. Chan (ed.), Shue Yan University, HK, 2-3 March 2012, pp.201-231.
  9. Xu, Y.H., Zhang, Y.X. and Chen. X.: Regime-Switching Volatility: Evidence from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In Proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association, S.C. Chan (ed.), Shue Yan University, HK, 2-3 March 2012, pp.512-518.
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  13. Zhang, Y.X.: Challenge To Coastal Zone Management System in Shantou, China. International Conference on Contemporary China Studies, The University of Hong Kong, HK, 5-6 January, 2007.
  14. Xu, Y.H. and Zhang, Y.X.: Overcoming Market Failures with Cooperation (in Chinese: 合作戰勝不完全競爭市場). Hong Kong Economic Times, 29 Feb 2012.
  15. Zhang, Y.X.: From St. Petersburg University’s Mathematics Tradition to Financial Tsunami (in Chinese: 從聖彼得堡數學談到金融海嘯). Ming Pao Daily News, 24 May 2009.
Research Interests
  • Operations Research 
  • Statistics 
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Business Mathematics
  • Game Theory 
  • Urban Studies and Environmental Management